Chimney Sweeping

Fact Sheet 1

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How often do I need to get my chimney swept?

Usually twice a year. Some flues where use is very heavy may need more.

Why do I need to get my chimney swept?

To remove soot, to reduce fire risks, to maintain good laminar flow up the chimney, to ensure no toxins are being released into living spaces and to remove corroding lumps of liner in old chimneys.

Why is it important to use a trained sweep?

WCCS only use professionally trained chimney sweeps. (trained by the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps) All those trained by the Guild must achieve a minimum ability and standard of workmanship.

Does it make a mess?

No, our sweeps use the HEP filter power vacuum system and will leave your fireplace clean and surrounding area clean and dust free. Only when dealing with very large fireplaces, such as inglenooks, is there a slight risk of dust escaping.

Why do I need to get my gas appliance swept?

Although a properly maintained and serviced gas appliance should never produce soot there is a risk of fluff and dust building up as a result of spiders webs in the flue. In extreme cases these obstructions can cause carbon monoxide to be released into living spaces.

Why do I need to get my chimney swept if I have just moved in?

Unless you know for a fact that your chimney has been well maintained by the previous owner it is advised to sweep all flues that have been and will be used.

Why do I need to sweep a chimney before it is closed off?

Old soot in an unused chimney, if allowed to become damp, can penetrate through the wall where it can cause unpleasant stains.