Fact Sheet 2

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What is the best fuel to use?

For certain appliances, there is a recommended fuel, and this is the one you should use. In appliances where there are no such requirements, there are several things that need to be taken into consideration. Many people choose to use wood, it is clean, gives good heat and is carbon neutral. Coal is also an option and many varieties of coal are available.

How should I store my fuel?

All fuel should be kept dry. Wood needs to be kept dry for up to two years to achieve the best calorific output. Storing wood can take up a lot of space, coal requires less storage space.

Is it OK to dry wood next to the stove?

This is not advised. It only takes one spark to ignite the wood if it is too close to the fire. Heat building up can also lead to spontaneous combustion. We advise that you don’t take the risk.