Fireplaces & Chimney Breasts

Fact Sheet 4

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What should I do if the back of my fireplace is cracking?

If your fireplace has been lined with house bricks and cement, or given a cement skim you may notice that cracks appear. Only firebricks and fire clay should be used. You may need to replace the existing bricks and cement with the proper materials.

What can I do about dirty smoke marks above my fireplace?

Smoke marks are caused by smoke coming back into the room and bringing carbon monoxide with it. Sometimes this is caused by the fireplace being too large for the flue. You can remedy this by raising the fire up in the fireplace or reducing the opening. This can also be caused by the flue being partially blocked, having the chimney swept will remove any blockages.

What can I do about damp marks on my chimney breast?

Damp marks can appear if chimneys have not been properly closed off. The air in the flue gets damp and this makes the flue walls get damp, leaving marks. Once these stains appear they will only get worse and you will need to consult a builder.